Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPH

Naturopathic Medicine | Portland, Oregon


Interview with KGW News

Dr. Menk Otto interviewed by KGW about allergy relief.

Dr. Laurie Menk Otto on KGW news

Dr. Menk Otto was interviewed by Chris Willis from KGW news for a news segment called “Home Remedies for Allergy Relief.”

They discussed a range of options for allergy relief. Among them, Dr. Menk Otto offered three simple actions for allergy relief:

  • Use a neti pot or saline rinse
  • Shower before bed to rinse pollen off your body
  • Use a HEPA air filter, especially in sleeping areas

Chris asked Dr. Menk Otto to discuss non-pharmaceutical options for allergy relief for those who do not like to depend on antihistamines and nasal sprays, or find them intolerable. She briefly described sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergies, which is one treatment she uses with patients suffering from seasonal allergy. (Video segment no longer available.)

What I Pack My Kids for School Lunch

In an article published by Whole Health Starts Today, Dr. Menk Otto chimes in with what she packs her kids for school lunch, along with other naturopathic physicians. The online community aims “to educate the general public on the power of food as medicine and the power of simple lifestyle choices for optimum health directly from leaders in the integrative medicine field today.”

Dr. Menk Otto’s kids are omnivores, and were raised primarily on whole foods and few processed foods. They eat dairy and gluten because they tolerate them well. But they consume minimal amounts of sugar and sweetened drinks, and their classrooms are nut free. Ironically, neither of them like to eat sandwiches, and she is always trying creative ways to fit in protein, sometimes throwing in a boiled egg, and yogurt…whatever they will eat!

Dr. Menk Otto makes school lunch suggestions. Dr. Menk Otto makes school lunch suggestions. Dr. Menk Otto makes school lunch suggestions.

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